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Greg Austic

Jul 2015

QUESTION from Colleen: I did notice that the column titles are in the incorrect order in the spreadsheet both on the photosynq website and when you download the data in a spreadsheet. I attached an Excel spreadsheet where the first row lists the column labels in the order in which they are downloaded from the site. The second row lists the column labels in the order that actually corresponds with the data. The columns labelled with ??? in the corrected labels row refer to the getuserdef columns, but I could not figure out which column corresponded to which getuserdef value. It's also not clear what those values mean.

ANSWER from Greg:

Yes, this is a known bug, sorry. When you change a user question or add or shift a protocol, the output csv file because shifted so the columns didn't line up. We're hoping that by tomorrow (7/17/15) a new version will come out which addresses this problem, and provides a bunch of new updates to the site and data explorer. So please post again if issues like this come up so we can catch them.