PhotosynQ allows researchers, educators, farmers, and citizen scientists to collect, analyze, discuss and share plant photosynthesis related data using a low cost handheld device.

Building Collaborative Plant Research Networks

Plant researchers from over 18 countries and 6 continents are using PhotosynQ.
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More data from a single device

Measure plant, soil, water, and environmental parameters with a single, inexpensive, scientific-quality tool. Designed for the field and the lab, the MultispeQ connects to the PhotosynQ platform to make data collection and analysis a snap.

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The software provided allows a faster research, easier collaboration. Measurements are instantly available and ready to be analyzed on your PhotosynQ mobile or web app. Invite collaborators and curate data together, across communities and countries, all in one place.


Various Applications

Use PhotosynQ to conduct collaborative research, manage your crops, develop new instruments or use it in the classroom.

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Getting Started

Want to learn how to create a project? Take quality photosynthesis measurements in the field? Graph your data?

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