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Project Guidance 4 months ago

Get help creating a new project. Questions about creating a project, what measurements to take, what questions to ask your collaborators, how to analyze your data, etc.

Farmers + Ag Extension about 2 years ago

Agricultural extension and direct on-farm applications of sensors, data sharing, data analysis, etc.

Education 4 days ago

Place to discuss class modules, uses in classes from kindegarden to undergraduate and beyond.

Plant Science + Breeding 15 days ago

Plant science and plant breeding discussions, including sensors and equipment, methods, discussing existing publications, applications, QTL mapping and marker assisted selection use cases, etc.

General Discussion 5 days ago

General discussion about plants and measurement methods, environmental applications, ideas for new measurements or changes to existing ones, ideas about the new hardware or software, etc.

Technical Support and Questions 5 days ago

Please attempt to thoroughly troubleshoot the problem yourself AND search the forums for solutions before posting!