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Yi-Bo Chen

Nov 2018

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Hi everyone,I am trying to load my data using the web application, but as soon as I click on load the entire application is not responsed.

Does anyone encounter the same problem? Is there any solution for this? I really need the data, because re-measurement is impossible. Thank you and looking forward to any response.

Project name :Getting Started with MultispeQ


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    Nov 2018

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    Nov 2018

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Nov 2018


judging from your first screenshot, the app is loading just fine. You just have not selected any data to visualize. Use the add button to select a subset of data (also, check this Tutorial).

The second screenshot, shows the viewer loading data. This can take a while, since you are downloading more than 8000 data points. When you have a slow connection, it might time out and you have to reload the dataset.

I would strongly recommend to create your own project to collect data. The Getting Started with MultispeQ is a project for users to test and get familiar with Instrument and platform.