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Greg Austic

Mar 2016



Hi Greg,

My name is Stephanie and I just started learning how to use PhotosynQ to collect and analyze data. I made a trial project named Tomato Trials and am currently taking a bunch of measurements just to learn how to use the device and figure out the uncertainty of the measurements. Is there a way to hide select data without having to filter them out using the series so I can better read my data?

Thanks, Stephanie Harn


Hmmm... not sure if I understand the question exactly, but most of the time people user the filters to segregate their data. So I guess once you get to a real project, definitely use appropriate and useful filters so it's easy to see what you want to see. In terms of being able to evaluate individual measurements, you can either plot something (like LEF vs Phi2, for example), and click on a point to see the individual data point. I attached an image which shows what this page looks like. You can also get there by going to the spreadsheet view and clicking on the little button next to each measurement. There you can get the individual level detail if you want it. In addition, if you have a bad data point, you can flag the data in that same screen. Flagging data automatically removes it from your project unless you explicitly add it back by filtering (that's the "include flagged datasets" filter).

Other than those options, no you can't just pick random measurements and exclude them. Filters and flagging are the two current options. I hope that's helpful!

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