How can this spectrometer instrument be used for general purpose gardening?

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John Gilmore

Apr 2016

I work at Hamamatsu and we are considering purchasing one of these units as it includes our microspectrometer (C12666MA). We are thinking to use it as a possible demo unit at future tradeshows. But we're not sure how the average laymen will relate? What can an amateur home vegetable gardener gain from these reading?

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    Apr 2016

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    Apr 2016

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Greg Austic

Apr 2016

Cool! You should bring it back to the folks in Japan and tell them to keep it up and crank up the production - if you make it, the market will come! Just kidding :)

I'd talk with Atsuko about getting one, right now they are kind of one off devices but if it's in the name of making those specs bigger/stronger/faster/better selling I bet we'd be interested.

In terms of how the laymen would relate... hmmm... well they probably won't in their own life, but we get a really big positive response when talking about the application of measuring corals, because most people have heard of the large coral bleaching events and they care (at least in their heads) about the ocean. So yeah, I think it's a good fit for trade shows :)

Connect with me or Atsuko and let's figure out how to get a unit.