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Hello, folks! I have been using MultiSpeQ for several years. I tried to integrate into firmware external sensors. For example, a digital sensor for humidity and soil temperature (https://www.adafruit.com/products/1298). Done. This is obtained by the method of integrating the code into the firmware. Conveniently. Now I will try to connect an analog O2 sensor. I have some problem but I'm trying (thanks, Greg for the idea). It is possible that somebody has an experience of connecting some external sensors, for example, a pH, NH3 etc.

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    Mar 2017

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    Mar 2017

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Robert Zegarac

Mar 2017

Hi Andriy, Nataliia So your solution would be to use unrouted pins from teensy dev board on the bottom, i reccomend soldering some wires to access them. you can find information here: teensy pins (also check image), analog inputs available are A12,A13,A15,A16,A17,A18,A19,A20. Looking at the soil sensor you use there, it is very similar to the one already used in beta (HTU21D), just has pretty slow response time due to the sinterd mesh, design note we use BME280 in ver. 1.0 Multispeq 1.0 also note that 1.0 has bunch of pins you can route from USB-C connector (no need for taking device apart). To help you more, i would need more details about the sensors you want to use. Note that most of the sensors need some kind of input signal conditioning to use their full potential (impedance matching, high impedance input, voltage offset, gain, filter...).

Robert, thank you for the answer. I connected of Soil sensor to Pin 2 and Pin 3 + insert code in firmware. It works. Oxygen sensor, the analog sensor (https://www.seeedstudio.com/Grove-Gas-Sensor%28O2%29-p-1541.html). I can't connect to A0, A1, A2. After call "analog_read" through the protocol, always the answer - 65600.

Next time, I will create another call "analog_read 2" (thanks, Greg for the idea). But after reading your post, maybe I don't must change the firmware and for call use analog inputs - A12,A13,A15,A16,A17,A18,A19,A20. Will this solve the problem? What do you think?