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Beatrice Landoni

Feb 2016

The One v3.0 (Phi2, NPQt, using Multi-Phase Flash) The One Protocol (Phi2, PSI, NPQ) II

What is the exact difference between these two protocols? Should I use version 3 because it is just the last version of "The One" protocol or are there differences that make them suitable for different occasions?

Maybe it is a very basic question, but I want to make sure I have grasped all it is said in the protocols descriptions.

Thank you, Beatrice

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    Feb 2016

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    Feb 2016

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Dan TerAvest

Feb 2016

Beatrice, We have made a number of improvements in the protocol "The One v3.0" that make it a better choice than "The One Protocol II:"

  1. We have added a multi-phase flash which improves our estimation of Fmprime (which is used to calculate phi2 and NPQt) in high light conditions,

  2. We have shortened the protocol, v3.0 is about 3 seconds shorter than v.II

  3. In the v II we alternated fluorescence and absorbence measurements, which resulted in longer output files in which the end of the measurement occasionally got cut off, v3.0 uses only fluorescence measurements, eliminating this problem.