Battery auto-shutoff after 2 minutes, especially confusing with Chrome app

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Greg Austic

Apr 2015


I just wanted to let everyone know that the battery does automatically shut off after 2 minutes. This is to save battery life, but it can be confusing especially when using the Chrome app because you can continue to take measurements with the battery power off!

The device is powered either by the batteries, or by the USB cable when connected to your computer - so even when the device auto-powers off, the USB kicks in a supplies power. However, the USB cable doesn't supply sufficient peak power, and has a slow recovery which can influence your results. Below is an example trace using "The One..." protocol which was taken without the battery power turned on. This type of signal where the curve seems to dip up and down is a very typical signal that your power is turned off, or that your batteries are dead (first is normal zoom, second is zoomed in on the top trace line with the abnormal bumps highlighted).

For measurements with low lights and power consumption (just measuring temperature, for example), USB power alone is sufficient. However, for most measurements it's best to make sure the battery power is on.

You can adjust the battery auto-shut-off in the newest version of the chrome app under Devices dropdown menu. Just make sure you have upgraded your firmware to v0.40 (to get newest firmware, open the PhotosynQ chrome app, then go to menu item devices --> click on check updates. Then follow the directions to install the newest firmware).

I've also updated the intro videos on youtube with this information to reduce confusion.


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