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At https://www.photosynq.org/buy-multispeq it says the Photosynq platform allows private projects but no details are given. Is it possible to keep data private (or offline) pre-publication? Does the option require additional payment?

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Greg Austic

Aug 2016

Hi - as of yet we do not have that options. We're trying to complete that by the time devices are shipped, but we have a lot of other important features we're focused on as well. I know this is a feature requested by several users, so let me talk with our team and see how long and how much effort this may take.


Any update on this issue?

If there are no private projects a possibility would be use the Notebook feature (although it is not so nicely structured), but this does not seem to be available on the mobile app (only on the Chrome app for desktop), or did I miss something?

I understand the philosophy of open data and community-drive collaboration but, at the moment, all the potentials users I know (include myself) love the instrument but refuse to use it because they do not want to see their data available online pre-publication. In some cases research is co-funded by the private sector and they simply cannot put the data out there even if they wanted...

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Colleen Rocha

Sep 2017


We do offer a private data option at this time and I will follow up with you privately with specific details.

Should anyone else be interested in this option in the future please contact us at help@photosynq.org for additional information.

Thank you for your interest.