Problems with data visualization after measurement

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Oscar Goni

Jul 2015



My labmate and me are observing a curious problem with the data visualization. Suddenly, we can't see numerical values after performing either a quick or a project measurement. Instead that, we can see a graph and the values NaN (see attached file). However, if we keep the project measurement, we can see the numerical values in our Dashboard. It is a strange issue because it happened first to my labmate (2-3 weeks ago) and recently to me (last Friday). We don't know if the Android version can be related with the problem (we have the same Android 4.4.2 but different phone mobile models).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Jul 2015

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Greg Austic

Jul 2015

This is a known problem which should be addressed in the next release. We experience the same things here so we totally feel your pain :\

We've just been collecting the data, knowing the results are all still there, and looking at it once we get back to a computer. Not ideal but it works.