Do you have validation data for multispeQ v2.0 against Minolta SPAD, Licor PARmeter...? It was shared for v1.0 in a great post

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Nov 2018

Do you have validation data with MultispeQ v2.0 like what you presented in the blog for v1.0 ( with correlation to each mesure "golden standard" like Minolta SPAD 502 or Licor LI-250A PAR meter? That post was quite reassuring providing realtion to those "golden standards" but also an estimation of inter-device variability.

[I've spent some time browsing the forum, blog and documentation and have found nothing similar. It feels more like you are browsing Stackoverflow and you can keep trying code ideas till it works, than a consistent documentation you can rely on for something that it is not that easy to iterate like a breeding or physiological experiment. For example, which RIDES protocol should I use to avoid actinic effects in my conditions? below which ambient PAR should I be worried?]

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    Nov 2018

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