Photosynthetic efficiency Project US15


This is the Summer research project of Michigan State University's BS 172 students during the month of June. The photosynthetic efficiency of shaded vs. non-shaded Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' leaves is being examined with the MultispeQ device. Using the Android tablet, ensure the wifi is off prior to going outside.

Turn on the MultispeQ device and allow it to acclimate to the temperature outside. Once at the selected tree, sync MultispeQ device with the Android tablet.

The Protocols used are The One Protocol (Phi2, PSI, NPQ) I, and the Chlorophyll Content (SPAD) I, in the order presented.

  1. Using OHSS Map #3 locate Acer Rubrum 2007024107, Acer rubrum 2007024108 and Acer rubrum 20070241*08.
  2. Orient oneself in order to divide the tree into 4 quadrants of NE, NW, SW, SE.
  3. All measurements will be taken at the bottom branches of the tree canopy.
  4. Starting in the NW corner, randomly select 5 leaves that are in direct sunlight near the end of the branch.
  5. Using the MultispeQ device, acquire measurements and data of all 5 leaves.
  6. Take a measuring tape and measure a distance of 50cm away from the trunk.
  7. Chose 5 leaves in this region that are shaded and take measurements using the MultispeQ device.
  8. Rotating clockwise. repeat steps 3-7 on the remaining quadrants.
  9. Perform the same procedure on the two other Acer rubrum trees for a total of 3 replicates. After all data is taken sync the Android tablet with the PhotosynQ web database.


Chlorophyll content (SPAD) I

REQUIREMENTS: Firmware v0.38 or lower (used for older devices which do not have a SPAD calibration, generally device ID 87 and lower).Measures transmission at 940nm and 650nm in order to determine the 'greenness' of a leaf, an indicator of chlorophyll content and nitrogen content. The 940 is used to account for leaf thickness.

The One Protocol (Phi2, PSI, NPQ) II

The One Protocol to rule them all! Phi2, PSI, NPQt, combined!

Changes from previous The One protocol: - no longer outputs signal from the far red period, which simplifies the signal output for the user - changed distance between measuring pulses from 10,000 to 2,000 which improves measurement resolution - has an initial stabilization peri...


  1. What quadrant is the leaf from? (Multiple Choice)
  2. Is the leaf shaded or non-shaded? (Multiple Choice)
  3. What tree is this data from? (Multiple Choice)


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