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This calibration does not apply to MultispeQ devices - only to a calibration jig used in factory testing. Never run this calibration on your device!

Part 3 of the calibration of the Light Box, a required tool for calibrating MultispeQ v1.0.

It includes:

  1. Calibration of the 24 light intensities (6 regimes x 4 intensities) for calibration of ambient PAR in other MultispeQ devices.


  1. Connect your computer to the Light Box using the PhotosynQ Desktop app.
  2. Place the LiCOR sensor in the LiCOR Holder, and place the holder/LiCOR into the Light Box.
  3. Start the measurement and follow the directions. Enter the PAR values from the LiCOR sensor as they appear on the screen. There should be 24 total values.
  4. Hit the save to device button and save button in that order to save to the device and website.
  5. Copy the licor_values_csv variable to your computers clipboard.
  6. Open the macro called “v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR”.
  7. Paste the 24 values, comma separated, in the variable array called licorParArray and updated the date modified. Save the macro.


v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR (slow lights)


See "v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR (1)" for full description and directions

This is a slow version of the "v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR (lights)" protocol and is used in conjunction with a LiCOR light meter to get the actual values.

**This should be run at least once per day, at the beginni...



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