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Luis Alonso

Jun 2017

Hi, when defining a new project we have come to wonder the rational behind the question that needs to be answered before taking EVERY measurement.

We do not understand what is the reason for placing a question before taking measurements. Rather, it would seem more logical to us that you answer AFTER the measurement, or even after analyzing the data.

But placing a question right before each measurement makes the taking of the measurement much slower.

We don't know what it is intended for.

Could you please clarify, and more importantly tell us how to avoid the question right before the measurement?

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    Jun 2017

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    Jun 2017

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Dan TerAvest

Jun 2017

The primary goal of project questions are to properly identify the plants that you are sampling. For example, if you create a project comparing 4 genotypes of a plant, you need to be able to distinguish which measurement is associated with which genotype. Here is a guide to project questions, what they are and why they are important.

When you create your own project you choose which project questions that you want to ask. So you have the choice to not add any questions if that is your preference.