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Matthew Daniel

Dec 2016

Hey Team,

I have some thoughts about community development.

I think it is important to be able to search a particular group of researchers.

For example I would like to know who is working on trees.

Then I would like to search for Arborist who are collecting data on trees.

Just Know I wanted to see who is collecting data in Australia.

I am off overseas soon so I would like to search for who is collecting data in Ubud Indonesia.

I am working in Adelaide as well next month so I would like to catch up with someone over there.

My point is a search of the Industry, community group, Country, state/ region would help with the community development.

Cheers Guys.

PS will santa be delivery my new multispeQS ?????

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    Dec 2016

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    Feb 2017

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Dec 2016

I like this idea a lot! I will bring it up at work tomorrow :D The elves are working hard!

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Matthew Daniel

Feb 2017

Hey Sean, How did you go with the search facility in this discussion?

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Feb 2017

Hi Matthew,

yes, Sean brought it up and we were thinking about a couple of scenarios and implementations. But for now, you have to do the following:

To walk through your example, first step is to search for tree or trees. You can filter by selecting a category, let’s say Citizen Science. Now unfortunately you have to go through the list and see if there are projects close to you. We are thinking of implementing an option that allows you to show projects that are close to you higher up in the list. Searching users by location is not possible.

Another way of approaching your issue would be the map on the landing page. Projects with 100 or more measurements are listed here.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have more options for search available.