What Tablets are Supported?

Technical Support and Questions

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Brian Baer

May 2016

I just bought a Dell Venue 7 tablet to try to run the PhotSynq app. When I try to download the app from the Google Play Store I get the message:

Your device isn't compatible with this version.

What devices are are supported? Is there a list some place?

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Dan TerAvest

Jun 2016

Any android device that is running version 4.4 or higher should be compatible with the PhotosynQ app.

However, for in-field data collection, many users have found that cheap android phones are a much better option than tablets. For example, we often purchase 'LG Optimus II' phones without a contract. These phones (and others like it), generally cost $40-$60. The phones are much smaller, and so it is much easier to use the MultispeQ with 1 hand and the phone with the other hand.

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Mark De Guzman

May 2016

I would like to inquire about which devices are supported as well as our group are planning to buy a tablet to interface with the MultispeQ.