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Sonya Lawrence

Jun 2015

Hi, 1. Yesterday a student was having trouble synching the data to the website. I did today and it says it was uploaded but on the tablet screen it says 97 cache data points. We are confused since we were told it was uploaded -- can we logout and be confident the data was uploaded since I do not see the data at the site yet?

  1. Also, we have had students say they did not upload the data to the site and when they login again and we look to synch data there is none there -- what is happening since the data should be saved at app under their login or not?

Thanks. Sonya Lawrence

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    Jun 2015

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    Jun 2015

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Greg Austic

Jun 2015

Yes, sorry after this last server update we've been having issues with the data upload. Your data is safe on the device, and will upload once we have the issue fixed.

Logging in or out will not cause data loss on either app. If you're unsure of whether the data was uploaded just go check on the site and see if it's there. I'm guessing it is there (please let me know if it's not, and provide a link to the project).

The goal of the server update is actually to reduce issues like this in the future, so hopefully we have less critical issues as a result.

Thanks for your patience and we're sorry for the mistake!