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Apr 2019

There are another 2 units. It was used normally two months ago, but there was a problem when the user recently re-used.

The unit(32:21:36:cc),the indicator light does not light when charging (or the light is on, but its off after ten minutes).The device can't be charged, and can't connect the phone and computer, we can't get information (print_memory).

The unit(32:21:36:a7), the device can be used normally, but the indicator light does not light when charging (or the light is on, and the light is off after ten minutes). I check the settings in the computer APP, the indicator(blink)is on. The print_memory information is displayed in the attachment.

Would you kindly please check this and give us an feedback?

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    Apr 2019

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    Apr 2019

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Apr 2019


are you using the Instruments or somebody else? Have any measurements been saved with a project?

  • 32:21:36:cc - it might be deeply discharged... but please confirm with support.
  • 32:21:36:a7 - What is the battery charge status? Is it used via USB/Bluetooth? The memory output is not attached.

Please contact, to help you.