Changes to web site and re-synch to tablet takes 24 hours before data collection can occur?

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Sonya Lawrence

Jun 2015

Hi all,

We have had issues when our students change the questions at the web site. It appears that if they change the questions and then try a re-synch the tablet app that it does not happen right away. We are finding that it takes 24 hours to get the tablet to have the new questions. We thought it might be our wifi connection in the building but it appears to also happen when students re-synch their phone droid app too.

Any advice for us or just stick to the 24-hour wait before collecting data? Thanks. Sonya

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    Jun 2015

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    Jun 2015

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Greg Austic

Jun 2015

Yeah, we have a design issue relating to the questions and answers. The safest thing to make sure you don't have these problems is to:

  1. NEVER DELETE A QUESTION OR ANSWER. It gets them all out of order. If you want to get rid of a question, just add a new one instead. You can always add new answers also, that's not a problem.
  2. NEVER SWITCH QUESTION ORDER. Again, they get messed up and you're data will be confused.
  3. DO NOT DELETE PROTOCOLS AFTER YOU HAVE COLLECTED SOME DATA. You can add new protocols, just don't delete any.

The safest thing to do is when you need to make significant changes to your project, just create a new one and start over. It's usually the path of least resistance :\

This is a known issue and I apologize for it, the fix is known so we're working on it. Hopefully we'll fix it in the coming months.