does moisture on the leaf greatly affect results?

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Anne Stanton

Jun 2015

Hi, I'm beginning to use Photosynq on wheat to measure phi2 and SPAD. I went out this morning to collect data in a farmer's field and it was extremely damp so I'm now wondering about the effects of moisture on the readings that I've collected. Anyone out there with experience regarding this? Thanks.

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Greg Austic

Jun 2015

Hey Anne - sorry for the delay here, just catching up.

Yes, the circuit board is pretty exposed and water could leak in. So far I have not had this happen, and I'm not a particularly careful measurer :)

So... I'd say:

  • If there's beads of water, wipe them off
  • If there's a water sheen or the leaf is just wetted a little, no big deal
  • If at any time you see water building up on the device that's noticeable, try to wipe it off