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Anthony Krumeich

Apr 2015

Is this the most constructive place to provide feedback about the app? Let us know where you'd like us to put it. Right now, initial feedback was going to be about "My Projects" actually not filtering down the project list, so as a result you have to search for it. That wouldn't be a big deal, except that if we want to use a separate project for different protocols switching between them requires hitting the "back" button 5 times or so since you have to navigate through a search flow each time and can't directly access them from the navigation. This is assuming I understand correctly that having multiple prototocols in one project would cause the readings to take a lot of time and probably not give us good data (let me know if my understanding is off there). I'm also working through the Chrome app, which I imagine you're creating a demo video for soon, but there are already some resources I can use.

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    Apr 2015

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Greg Austic

Apr 2015

Yes, this is fine, here or technical support and questions.

Thanks for the feedback - I completely agree, we have the My Projects not fully implemented, so it's just kind of sitting there for the moment :\ In our next sprint, we'll more thoroughly develop it to just show the projects you have actively joined or have created.

The "Discover" will show 3 categories of projects - "Nearby" close to you geographically, "Trending" most recently pushed data, and "Getting Started" projects preselected by us which can be performed anywhere by anyone.

These changes will also decrease loading times on the app.

In general, the chrome app is a much more refined and easy to use tool at this point. If you have the option, I would strongly suggest using it. If you need to collect lots of data points in the field, then the Android app is the better tool.

We just updated the site so you can subscribe to forums (go to your use profile and to 'manage subscriptions') - so I'll be much more response as I won't miss any posts like this one!

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Jan 2018

Hello there! I am newbie here .

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