Frank you are the Man!

Frank CO2 test

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Matthew Daniel

Jun 2017


I just did a quick check of the PhotosynQ community.

Mate you are hands down "The Man"

I am laughing right now thinking back to our PhotosynQ Experts program when Greg said we need to find all the "Franks" in the world to help build a community.

"Good on ya mate"

I have found some interesting observations in my co2 testing (Urban Forest Soil Biology) as I work with microbes. Compost Tea (AACT) and static compost applications to soil health for trees.

I am building a community with my TREE HEALTH CALCULATOR 1.0 project and hope to rival you 50,0000 plus contributions.

Let the games begin, in a friendly way, as the true winner is planet earth and the future generations.

Please join my TREE HEALTH CALCULATOR 1.0 project and lets stay in touch.

Kind regards,

Matthew Daniel.

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