Most plant research happens in highly controlled lab conditions. Unfortunately, the plants that human beings care most about grow outside where weather, bugs, and animals all impact their growth and health. PhotosynQ is a platform for measuring plant health at a fundamental level in the field, where it matters most. Our goal is to accelerate agricultural research through simplifying collaboration, data sharing, and increasing access to sensors and the skills needed to use them.
Photosynq platform

The PhotosynQ Platform

Gather crop physiological data using high quality, low cost sensors and your cell phone. Connect the data to a project, where you and collaborators can aggregate, visualize, map, and analyze your results.

Manage projects from 1 to 1000 collaborators with tools to ensure comparable, consistent, and validated data.

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More Impact, Less Work

The sophisticated yet inexpensive MultispeQ device measures key crop physiological data at a fraction of the cost and time of similar devices.

Fast and Efficient Data Collection

12 seconds per measurement
measures photosynthetic yield, relative chlorophyll content, light intensity and more parameters simultanously
12 man hours to phenotype 100 plots
< 30 minutes training
needed to begin collecting high quality data in the field
User-friendly design
for anyone in the US or abroad, from experts users to novices

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Scientific Quality Sensors

Device iso

Flexible, open source hardware and software allows anyone to add or modify sensors

Data management

Smart Data Management

Spreadsheets don't scale as your project grows. PhotosynQ was built for researchers by researchers with all the features you need.

  • Collect data while offline
  • Analyze data in real-time on the web or download in csv format
  • Catch errors before they ruin your experiment, trial, or crops
  • Multi-level data validation: on the device, in the field and during analysis.
  • Communicate with your team, in the lab and all over the world

Collaborative by Design

We believe that the future of plant research is the field. The limitation is our ability to collaborate. Our goal is to make collaboration at scale a snap.

But collaboration starts at home - that's why PhotosynQ hardware and software development is open source.

Work in a reproducible and transparent space
Reproducibility is baked into the platform design
Co-develop using open hardware and software
Create your own sensor, measurement, or method.
Find collaborators around the world
Diverse interests and backgrounds, from students to scientists to ag entrepreneurs
Scale projects from 1 person to 1000
Build your own project, then invite others to join