Soil Biological Activity 2 minutes - Soil chamber or Beta MultispeQ with CO2 sensor

Measures CO2 concentration in a closed chamber over time. Often used to measure soil biological activity in samples of soil or compost either in the field or in the lab. The parameter of interest is the slope of the initial rise in CO2 directly after closing the chamber. This protocol measures CO2 at 5 second intervals for ~2 minutes.

    "environmental": [
    "measurements": 30,
    "measurements_delay": 5
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Matthew Daniel

Feb 2016

Hi Greg, hope your well mate.

I just changed my protocol from 5 min to 2 min in the soil biology co2 test.

It hasnt changed it on my phone app yet. does this take some time? I have tried syncing but that didnt work.

Also I added a answer to one of the questions and that didnt upload either. Is there a limit to the number of answers you can have? or does the platform not like it when you make changes??

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Greg Austic


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Carbon evolution from soil

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