Wheat photosynthesis using RIDES_light_potential_ECS


Find your pot number in the overall layout Remove pot if needed and place it on spare bench. No need to move pot if it is in an external bench column. Carefully, untie plant without damaging any leaves if needed. In some instances, flag leaves will extend outwards so it is not necessary to untie the plant. Identify the youngest, fully expanded leaf. Ideally, we are targetting the flag leaf. If this one is not available, the penultimate one is another option. Enter the corresponding metadata into the project prior to "Run Measurement"Run the PhotosynQ with the light sensor “upright”. Place sensor in the middle section of the leaf, on the top side of the leaf. Try not to change the leaf angle. If leaf is “floppy”, target the leaf section facing perpendicular to the



RIDES_light_potential_ECS s DMK

Shorter ECS rides light potential with ECS


  1. Pot No (Short Answer)
  2. Plant? (Multiple Choice)
  3. Leaf Type (Multiple Choice)



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