USGS Soil NIR/Vis Reflectance


Using a modified reflectance MultispeQ, this experiment will see how well reflectance is able to predict percent carbon and percent nitrogen in the soil. This is an extension of the Soil Test NIR/Vis project.

Soils were collected for a U.S. Geological survey and data correlations will be made using available data from these surveys.


177 Reflectance Grain/Soil Combined

For use with reflectance MultispeQs with the detectors switched. Only for use with 177 -intensities set based on specific device.


  1. % N (Short Answer)
  2. Moisture (Short Answer)
  3. Main or Add on? (Multiple Choice)
  4. Sample Site (Short Answer)
  5. Sample Number (Short Answer)
  6. % C (Short Answer)



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