Urban Forest Soil Biology


Measuring Soil Biology with a Co2 sensor via respiration. Samples obtained within the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) of individual Urban Forest Trees to establish onsite measures of soil biology activity and document onsite visual plant and soil health.


Soil Biological Activity 5 minutes

Measures CO2 concentration in a closed chamber over time. Often used to measure soil biological activity in samples of soil or compost either in the field or in the lab. The parameter of interest is the slope of the initial rise in mg C directly after closing the chamber. This protocol measures CO2 at 5 second intervals for ~5 minutes.


  1. TPA site number and discription (Short Answer)
  2. Sample Number (Short Answer)
  3. General Tree Health (Multiple Choice)
  4. Compaction - PSI (Short Answer)
  5. Compaction Depth (Multiple Choice)
  6. Mulch Layer (Multiple Choice)
  7. TPZ Impact (Multiple Choice)
  8. Canopy Density (Multiple Choice)
  9. PHC Compost Application (Multiple Choice)
  10. PHC Treatments (Multiple Choice)
  11. Precipitation (Multiple Choice)
  12. Pest and Disease (Multiple Choice)
  13. Humus (Multiple Choice)
  14. Visual Soil Biology (Multiple Choice)



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