SPAD testing v1.0


created 5/25/2016 Measuring a large range of leaf colors and thicknesses to monitor chlorophyll content in leaves. These measurements will be compared with a Minolta SPAD device to evaluate plant health and foliage quality. Results should produce a large matrix that can be analyzed to compare respective growth stages, color, and species to chlorophyll content. Analysis can benefit plant management techniques and decisions, and optimize yields.


Test Chlorophyll Content (SPAD) MultipseQ v1.0

**Measures SPAD at 3 different light intensities.

Also measures PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), ambient temperature/pressure/relative humidity, leaf thickness, leaf angle, leaf direction, and contactless leaf temperature.

Works with the MultispeQ V1.0 device only


  1. Leaf color (Multiple Choice)
  2. Minolta average (Short Answer)
  3. Development Stage (Multiple Choice)
  4. Species (Short Answer)
  5. Leaf Number (Multiple Choice)



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