SPAD field comparison


We're trying to figure out how much variation there is between measurements on the same leaf for 2 Minolta SPAD meters (the industry standard device) and 2 MultispeQs. This will help us understand what an acceptable level of variation is for the MultispeQ as we develop, and to understand how the MultispeQ SPAD value correlates to the Minolta SPAD value in a range of different leaves.


Chlorophyll content (SPAD) III

REQUIREMENTS: Firmware v0.41 or higher. Measures transmission at 940nm and 650nm in order to determine the 'greenness' of a leaf, an indicator of chlorophyll content and nitrogen content. The 940 is used to account for leaf thickness. Improvements over Chlorophyll content (SPAD): - performs 3 different spads at 3 intensities for thin and thick ...


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