Sorghum Heat Stress Screening Growth Chamber


Screening Sorghum genotypes for heat stress tolerance in growth chamber 62D. Control conditions are 26°C day and 22°C night. Heat stress is 37°C day and 33°C night. Photos were captured using raspberry pi cameras and physiology measured with a MultispeQ


MultispeQ v1.0 Leaf Photosynthesis (Masked)

Works with the MultispeQ v1.0 ONLY

This is a shortened protocol to measure chlorophyll fluorescence and chlorophyll content when the light guides have been masked for small leaves.

This protocol will accurately measure plant physiological paramters (Phi2, PhiNPQ, PhiNO, qL, LEF, and relative chlorophyll content) and environmental parameter...


  1. Genotype (Multiple Choice)
  2. Replicate (Multiple Choice)
  3. Treatment (Multiple Choice)
  4. Condition (Multiple Choice)
  5. Block (Multiple Choice)



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