Shane Grass


Response of photosynthesis to Nitrogen application


The One Protocol (PSII, PSI, NPQ)

The One Protocol to rule them all! PSII, PSI, NPQt, combined!

PSII quantum efficiency from a 340-780 nm spectrum


PAR 15 second averages

Averages PAR over 15 second interval

MultispeQ v1.0 - Photosynthesis II (ECS, Phi(PSII), Phi(NPQ), Phi(NO))

Photosynthesis protocol which includes ECS, Phi2, and other similar protocols. Now properly calls using the "recall" function


Correlation of NPQ and NPQt, written by Stefanie Tietz Modifications from the original: time between pulses 1000 us tiempo total 10 min luz pin 20 182 (aprox 1500 uE)

NDVI test with MultispeQ 219

For use with beta MultispeQ 219 with detectors switched. This is both the calibration and applied protocol for the test project. When using for calibration, be sure to update macro with correct values.


  1. What is the crop (Short Answer)
  2. How old is the crop (Short Answer)
  3. When was the crop treated (Short Answer)
  4. What was the treatment (Short Answer)



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