Photosynthetic variations in canola under salt stress


Assessment of genotypic variation in photosynthesis in canola Brassica napus. Salt stress reduces photosynthetic rate that results in imbalance in generation and utilization of reducing equivalents generated in light reaction. This leads to ROS generation and photo-damage of PSII or plant exhibited various adjustments ranging from Non-photochemical quenching via xanthophyll cycle, cyclic electron transport, heat dissipation via PTOX in Q cycle, Fd-dependent NDH Cyclic electron transport, activation of photorespiratory pathway and antioxidant enzymes. In this project, it will be assessed whether any of photosynthetic attributes measured through fast chlorophyll a analysis (OJIP), PAM fluorescence PhotosynQ, Dual Pulse Amplitude fluorescence meter (DUAL-PAM-100, Walz) contributing in salt tolerance.


Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ V1.0


Measures many photosynthesis-related parameters in <15 seconds, including:

  • Chlorophll Fluorescence: Phi2, PhiNPQ, PhiNO, NPQt, qL, LEF
  • Relative Chlorophyll: SPAD
  • Proton Motive Force: ECSt, vH+, gH+
  • Absorbance at: 450, 535, 605, 650, 730, 850, 880, and 940nm.
  • Leaf Thickness (in mm), angle, and cardinal direct...


  1. Date and Time (Multiple Choice)
  2. Salt stress (Multiple Choice)
  3. Varieties (Multiple Choice)
  4. Replicates (Multiple Choice)



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