Photosynthesis under Environmental Pollution


Environmental adversaries affected the plant growth and productivity. Such environmental adversaries may range from short term disturbance to long term disturbance such as standing rain water or flooding during monsoon or sewage water disposal into irrigation water. Small cottage industries or home industries, car washing stations, restaurants may release water which may harm plants growing in streets, small plots or agricultural field at city outskirts. Plants growing on road side affected from traffic pollutants or strong roadside lights, laser lights at shopping plazas during night. Plant vigor and health status can be assessed various non-invasive techniques such as SPAD, Fv/Fm etc. In this study, impact of various type of pollution on natural vegetation/plantation will be assessed.


Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ V1.0


Measures many photosynthesis-related parameters in <15 seconds, including:

  • Chlorophll Fluorescence: Phi2, PhiNPQ, PhiNO, NPQt, qL, LEF
  • Relative Chlorophyll: SPAD
  • Proton Motive Force: ECSt, vH+, gH+
  • Absorbance at: 450, 535, 605, 650, 730, 850, 880, and 940nm.
  • Leaf Thickness (in mm), angle, and cardinal direct...


  1. Name of Location (Short Answer)
  2. Type of Environment (Multiple Choice)
  3. Name of Plant Species (Short Answer)



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