ORACLE on station: caracterisation of sorghum


This is within the frame of the ORACLE project ( Optimisation des rotations et associations céréales légumineuses). We want to caracterise 50 sorghum varieties. In this project we will measure the photosynthesis efficiency in addition to other parameters directly collected in the field (LAI, phenology, plant height, biomass, N uptake) or on the lab ( rhizobium activity, roots growth...).


Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ V1.0


Measures many photosynthesis-related parameters in <15 seconds, including:

  • Chlorophll Fluorescence: Phi2, PhiNPQ, PhiNO, NPQt, qL, LEF
  • Relative Chlorophyll: SPAD
  • Proton Motive Force: ECSt, vH+, gH+
  • Absorbance at: 450, 535, 605, 650, 730, 850, 880, and 940nm.
  • Leaf Thickness (in mm), angle, and cardinal direct...


  1. plot number (Short Answer)
  2. plant number (Multiple Choice)



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