Maize Collection Screen with RIDES


Screening photosynthetic activity of the maize collection


Photosynthesis RIDES

Requires Firmware 1.22 or higher

Measures the same photosynthesis-related parameters in <15 seconds as 'Leaf Photosynthesis MutlispeQ v1.0' plus additional PS1 and P700 measurements.

  • Chlorophll Fluorescence: Phi2, PhiNPQ, PhiNO, NPQt, qL, LEF
  • Relative Chlorophyll
  • ATP synthase conductivity, proton motive force parameters through...


  1. What ear is this? ( eg. T123-4 x T567-8, T666self, etc; Pls keep exact answer for the family to ease future analysis) (Short Answer)
  2. What is the genotype? (eg. psa3-1 x psa3-2; Pls keep exact answer for the family) (Short Answer)
  3. What is the leaf color phenotype? (Multiple Choice)
  4. Is this individual seedling virescent (vir)? (Multiple Choice)
  5. Is this individual seedling mutable (m)? (Multiple Choice)
  6. Individual number (Short Answer)
  7. Where are you doing this measurement? (Multiple Choice)
  8. Take picture of this individual in the center of image (Take a Picture)



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