Isolated Endophytes in Maize


Growth chamber-based study investigating maize (Zea mays L.) seedling blight pathogenicity of cultured endophytes (from asymptomatic kernels)

Endophytes are organisms that live mutualistically within plant tissues. We're interested in the vertical transmission of these endophytes from an infected cob to the seedlings. To look at this, we will be inoculating maize seedlings with cultures isolated from asymptomatic kernels. We are particularly interested in the transfer of pathogenicity to seedlings and will be looking for several visible symptoms to score pathogenicity: leaf bleaching, lesion formation, and leaf curling.

In addition to visible symptoms, some endophytes can also have asymptomatic impacts on photosynthesis and carbon assimilation. We will be using the multispeQ to monitor endophyte's effects on photosynthetic parameters compared to control.

The experiment will use sterilized kernels planted in either sterile or non-sterile soil. Inoculation will then occur with either two cultured endophytes of unknown effects, a positive, or a negative control. The sterile vs. non-sterile soils are used to observe any competitive effects with a more intact microbiome.


The One v3.0 (Phi2, NPQt, using Multi-Phase Flash)

The One Protocol to rule them all! Phi2, NPQt combined.

Changes from previous The One protocol: - Removed the Phi1 measurement, which was producing a lot of invalid data (removed by Dan and Frank) - Implemented the multi-phase flash protocol created by Tom Avenson

Chlorophyll content (SPAD) III

REQUIREMENTS: Firmware v0.41 or higher. Measures transmission at 940nm and 650nm in order to determine the 'greenness' of a leaf, an indicator of chlorophyll content and nitrogen content. The 940 is used to account for leaf thickness. Improvements over Chlorophyll content (SPAD): - performs 3 different spads at 3 intensities for thin and thick ...


  1. Leaf Number (Multiple Choice)
  2. Replication (Multiple Choice)
  3. Position on Leaf (Multiple Choice)
  4. Pot ID (Multiple Choice)
  5. Plant # (Multiple Choice)
  6. Symptom (Multiple Choice)



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