Getting familiar with PhotosynQ


I'm going to do some measurements with the MultispeQ for my thesis project. It will be about variation in photosynthetic traits in Cleome gynandra, a C4 species.

Before doing this, I want to gain some experience with the MultispeQ, so I will measure Phi2 and SPAD on some Arabidopsis plants we have here at Wagenigen University (WUR).


The One v3.0 (Phi2, NPQt, using Multi-Phase Flash)

The One Protocol to rule them all! Phi2, NPQt combined.

Changes from previous The One protocol: - Removed the Phi1 measurement, which was producing a lot of invalid data (removed by Dan and Frank) - Implemented the multi-phase flash protocol created by Tom Avenson

Chlorophyll content (SPAD) II

REQUIREMENTS: Firmware v0.39 or v0.40. Measures transmission at 940nm and 650nm in order to determine the 'greenness' of a leaf, an indicator of chlorophyll content and nitrogen content. The 940 is used to account for leaf thickness. Improvements over Chlorophyll content (SPAD): - performs 3 different spads at 3 intensities for thin and thick l...


  1. What is the age of the leaf? (Multiple Choice)
  2. What is the position of the plant? (Multiple Choice)
  3. On the same plant, this is the measurement number: (Multiple Choice)
  4. On the same leaf, this is the measurement number? (Multiple Choice)



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