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This calibration does not apply to MultispeQ devices - only to a calibration jig used in factory testing. Never run this calibration on your device!

Part 4 of the calibration of the Light Box, a required tool for calibrating MultispeQ v1.0.

It includes:

  1. Measurement of the Light Box output using a LiCOR 250A Light Meter, across 6 light regimes and 4 intensities. Values are then saved used for calibration of new MultispeQs.


v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR (slow lights)


See "v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR (1)" for full description and directions

This is a slow version of the "v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR (lights)" protocol and is used in conjunction with a LiCOR light meter to get the actual values.

**This should be run at least once per day, at the beginni...



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