Fall Tree Leaf Anthocyanin Content


The change in leaf color observed during the fall of deciduous plants is due to the chlorophyll being sequestered back into the stems and trunk of the plant. Biomolecules present in the leaf which are normally masked by the larger chlorophyll content throughout summer, become visible in the fall due to their reflectance of light in the visible spectra, combined with the shrinking ratio of chlorophyll content. The object of this experiment is to measure the anthocyanin content in the leaf as chlorophyll is sequestered back into the plant and correlate that with the change in leaf color to gain a better estimation of the total anthocyanin content in leaves throughout the entire year.


Leaf Absorbance all (530,650,720,850,940) II

Combined protocol with all possible absorbance values. Hopefully can be used to measure a combined

Chlorophyll and anthocyanin content combined

testing combined protocol


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