Cowpea high day/night temperature5


The objectives of this experiment are 1. Determine induction of CEF under heat stress 2. Determine expression level of select genes identified via QTL mapping

The experiment uses the parents CB27 and IT82E-18 as well as two progeny from RIL population, (BB-057 and BB-082) that have low or high Phi2 respectively.

Experiment was conducted in a reach in chamber (BioChambers, Bigfoot series)



This protocol measures a series of factors that allow us to estimate: stomatal conductance (via changes in humidity and leaf temperature);
ATP synthase conductivity, pmf parameters through DIRK(ECS) The rate of turnover of the cytochrome b6f complex through DIRKP(700) Chlorophyll fluorescence parameters Phi2, NPQ(t), PhiNPQ, PhiNO, qL(t) ...


  1. Genotype (Multiple Choice)
  2. Leaf type (Multiple Choice)
  3. Light intensity (Multiple Choice)
  4. Day of Experiment (Multiple Choice)
  5. Temperature (Multiple Choice)



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