Chlorophyll Content Histograms, Minolta vs PhotosynQ


The goal of this project is to determine the relative ability of the Minolta SPAD meter (with a 3 mm area of measurement) and the MultispeQ (with a 3/8 in area of measurement) to accurately predict the SPAD value of a whole leaf.


Chlorophyll content (SPAD) III

REQUIREMENTS: Firmware v0.41 or higher. Measures transmission at 940nm and 650nm in order to determine the 'greenness' of a leaf, an indicator of chlorophyll content and nitrogen content. The 940 is used to account for leaf thickness. Improvements over Chlorophyll content (SPAD): - performs 3 different spads at 3 intensities for thin and thick ...


  1. Crop (Short Answer)
  2. Leaf number (Short Answer)
  3. Same leaf measurement number (Short Answer)
  4. Minolta SPAD meter value (Short Answer)



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