Carbon Mineralization in Agricultural Fields II


The purpose of this project is to test MultispeQ methods of determining soil biological activity. We are using a 5 minute protocol for both in situ measurements using closed chambers over the soil and ex situ measurements in canisters (where the soil is removed, weighed, and placed in a chamber).


Soil Biological Activity 5 minutes

Measures CO2 concentration in a closed chamber over time. Often used to measure soil biological activity in samples of soil or compost either in the field or in the lab. The parameter of interest is the slope of the initial rise in mg C directly after closing the chamber. This protocol measures CO2 at 5 second intervals for ~5 minutes.


  1. Field ID (Short Answer)
  2. Crop (Short Answer)
  3. Type of measurement (Multiple Choice)
  4. position on slope (Multiple Choice)
  5. Location in field (Multiple Choice)
  6. position in row (Multiple Choice)
  7. weight of soil in canister (Short Answer)



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