Arrakis : Leaf Thickness and Compass Test



This project is to validate the leaf thickness measurement as part of the MultispeQ v1.0, using the initial 20 devices shipped from the factory in Nov 2016.

11 devices were calibrated it the project 4b- v1.0 FACTORY CALIBRATION. Six pieces of plastic of known thickness were used to calibrate the raw Hall effect output (a value from 0 - 65525) to a thickness in mm. The calibration thicknesses were 0.05, 0.125, 0.19, 0.6, 1.016, 2.74 mm.

The 11 devices then measured each of the pieces of plastic of known thickness, and compared to the actual thickness. A linear fit between actual and MultispeQ thickness was created for each device.


v1.0 sensors only

collect data from all of the sensors on the MultispeQ V1.0. Includes raw and calibrated outputs from:

Contactless Temperature Leaf Thickness Accelerometer (leaf angle) Magnetometer (cardinal direction) Light Intensity in PAR


  1. Device Number (Multiple Choice)
  2. Thickness Gauge (Multiple Choice)
  3. Cardinal Direction (Multiple Choice)
  4. REP (Short Answer)



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