This calibration does not apply to MultispeQ devices - only to a calibration jig used in factory testing. Never run this calibration on your device!

This calibration includes:

  1. Calibration of the red light (2) to LiCOR PAR at 6 different intensities.


  1. Connect your computer using the Desktop App to the Light Calibration box.
  2. Using a LiCOR LI-250A PAR meter, place the meter inside the Light Box in the seated hole.
  3. Take the measurement, entering in the values displayed on the LiCOR sensor when prompted during the measurement. Wait about 2 seconds for values to stabilize, then read the highest measurement (at higher intensities the measurement can droop if you wait several more seconds).
  4. Check the measurement. The licor_values_csv field should look roughly like this. If not, reject and remeasure. If so, submit the measurement to the website.


  1. Copy the licor_values_csv field values and save them into the macro “v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR”.


v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR (slow lights)


See "v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR (1)" for full description and directions

This is a slow version of the "v1.0 CALIBRATION: MultispeQ PAR to LiCOR PAR (lights)" protocol and is used in conjunction with a LiCOR light meter to get the actual values.

**This should be run at least once per day, at the beginni...



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