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measuring protocol for wheat?

By Brecht Van Reusel

Dear fellow researchers and scientists, I was wondering if there is an uniform protocol for measuring wheat plants in a canopy? They way a measurement is done has such a big influence on the final results, that I'm struggling what the best procedure is to get useful results for some parameters. for example: phi2 is so dependent on the measured light intensity, that it's ... read more

8 days ago


Measuring wheat leaf-Adaxial or Abaxial ?

By Ram Ghimire

Dear users, In wheat there is variation in leaf architecture; eg some varieties have erect and some have drooping leaves. As a result, some have adaxial side facing sun while some have abaxial side facing sun. As we know, generally there are more stomata in abaxial side. Also, abaxial and adaxial guard cells respond deferentially. In our studies, we are measuring PhotosynQ ... read more

12 days ago


Wheat breeding for stress tolerance: use of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters as selection criterion

By Habib-ur-Rehman Athar

Hello I am working on exploring mechanism of stress tolerance (drought and salt) in different crops such as wheat, canola, maize sunflower etc. Since photosynthesis is central to biomass (growth and yield) production under stress conditions, it is assumed it can be used as selection criteria in breeding and selection. My experience is genetic variability in gas exchange cha... read more

Jan 2018