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Nov 2018

As you are probably aware of, we have released a new Desktop App for Windows and Mac. The new app as a variety of new features and improvements, including a settings menu for Instruments (see Blog post here). The transition will be easy since most of the UI is similar to the Chrome App. You will, however, have to to download and install the App on your local computer, rather than through the Chrome browser.

We strongly encourage you to switch to the new Desktop app to take advantage of all new features and ensure, that all future Instrument and measurement Protocol/Macro updates will work with the app. The Chrome App will be still available, but we are discontinuing its support.

Supporting Linux

An early version for Linux exists (Ubuntu 16.4 x64), but due to the current small number of Linux users (~0.2%) and our limited resources, we are not officially releasing a version at this time. Please let us know if you are interested in testing a version for linux and if so which distribution you are using.

Language Support

The new application will be capable of supporting multiple languages. Currently it is only English, but we are planning on adding more languages as we are continuing to develop the app. Please let us know which language you would be interested in, as well as if you are interested in helping translating phrases.

New Features

We are continuously improving the app, allowing you to get the maximum out of your Instruments. If you are interested in a feature you are missing, please let us know. Currently we are exploring options including connecting the app to Jupyter for easier data analysis using the notebook, an improved protocol editor, protocol settings and more.

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Dear Sir Please share the link to download the new Windows based APP

Sorry, the Link is already given in your post