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Judson Van Wyk

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Plant Phenotyping. Environmental Biology and Microbiology major

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Comparing white and black devices
Project ID: 1491

2/3 devices. SISTER PROJECT: Comparing black and white devices (White Lightninn 1 device)

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Comparing black and white devices
Project ID: 1489

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Finding SPAD
Project ID: 1478

We quest to find the SPAD readings of 4 devices, two white and two black, and...

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growth of Maple trees in fertilized versus unfertilized soil
Project ID: 1288

Analyzing data found using the MultispeQ to find out if growth of Maple trees is affected...

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Soil testing 123
Project ID: 1631

Testing soil respiration and conditions in many places and over time. Short run protocol.

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Beta be a good SPAD
Project ID: 1479

Comparing 4 beta devices SPAD reading to the Minolta average.

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Beta, Minolta, and SPAD
Project ID: 1523

Comparing spad values of before and after painting, and recalibration.

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Dry Beans Root Rot Resistance
Project ID: 1543

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Soil Moisture Probe Calibration
Project ID: 1560

12 cans, 0-220 ml water each (20 ml increments) and 3 measurements per can. This project...

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Comparing black and white devices (White Lightninn 1 device)
Project ID: 1492

1/3 devices. Sister project to Comparing black and white devices

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QRcode fakie
Project ID: 1441


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MSU Potato Vigor
Project ID: 1569

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Disease, Damage, and Drought: Impacts on Photosynthesis
Project ID: 1561

Questions How does photosynthesis and other measurements change in diseased, damaged, and otherwise unhappy plants? What...

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Different Device Colours
Project ID: 1486

The first big comparison of the black devices versus the new white devices!

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Rice Plants
Project ID: 1476

Comparing 3 varieties, total of 12 plants, in growth chambers

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QR Code Test Project
Project ID: 1456

QR code project for the video tutorial .

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Michigan State University - Wheat Performance Trials 2016 V1
Project ID: 1445

Measure photosynthetic efficiency of 19 Michigan wheat varieties at four growth stages under conventional and high...

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MSU fruit trees -ALYSSA
Project ID: 1223

MSU Tree sampling Greg vs Dan

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Peters & Friesen Wheat Experiment 2016 - a
Project ID: 1123

To determine whether Av (wt & BB) influences germination / growth of wheat To assess whether...

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Maker Faire Tour!
Project ID: 7

As the PhotosynQ team travels the world getting feedback on the MultspeQ, we'll be taking Phi2...

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Maize and Soybean Soil
Project ID: 1580

Using the new soilspeq out in a big field test for the first time. We will...

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Soil Test 71916
Project ID: 1570

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Saginaw Valley Rhizoctonia Nursery (V1)
Project ID: 1515

Experiment consists of 28 15 foot rows of beets, four different genotypes are replicated seven times...

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Saginaw Valley Rhizoctonia Nursery
Project ID: 1499

Experiment consists of 28 15 foot rows of beets, four different genotypes are replicated seven times...

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KBS Switchgrass Project
Project ID: 1503

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Beta Device Testing Project 61516
Project ID: 1470

testing out all of the betas on 6/15/2016

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Hosta Project Beta
Project ID: 1418

Hosta Project for the REU students, Beta Protocol!

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Wheat Cover Crop Project
Project ID: 529

Including wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in Michigan crop rotations promises benefits beyond the simple cash value...

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Bean plant device and user test
Project ID: 1318

Test to see how device variation and user bias effect results in the growth chamber.

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Pan African Grain Legume Conference Demonstration
Project ID: 980

Demonstration project for attendees of the Pan African Grain Legume Conference

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SPAD Test Number 2
Project ID: 1385

Round 2 of SPAD testing. Making sure each device is similar to one another, while also...

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SPAD testing v1.0
Project ID: 1369

created 5/25/2016 Measuring a large range of leaf colors and thicknesses to monitor chlorophyll content in...

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Project ID: 1409

Another day another SPAD test

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Oomycete Community Growth Chamber Seed Treatment
Project ID: 1527

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Test: vegetronix soil moisture sensor
Project ID: 901

This project will test how well a vegetronix soil moisture sensor works. The sensor is connected...

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Sean's Corn
Project ID: 1156

Made up test project

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Licor V Par
Project ID: 1191

Testing PAR sensors in various devices against one another and industry standard LICOR.

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Leaf Thickness for new protocol 61316
Project ID: 1460

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Return of SPAD
Project ID: 1413

guess whose back, back again, spad is back, tell a friend

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