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    3 more days until beta test is officially closed! Hey everyone, we’re still accepting new signups for the beta test, but we’re going to close applications pretty soon as we begin purchasing parts. So if you’ve been waffling now’s the time to make a move (link to signup page)! Dave and Robert’s work on...

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    Progress Update – boards,

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    PhotosynQ demo at Mach 30 Hangout this Thursday @ 8:30

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    Though we’re a bit behind schedule, we’re making great progress. We officially closed the beta last week with a total of 35 participants and 74 devices! We have every kind of user and location in there – here’s a partial list: high school teachers, citizen scientists, organic and conventional farmers, agronomists, plant scientists and...

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    Great news and less great news

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    You can select any two variables and compare them on the X and Y axis.  This makes it easy to identify relationships between variables, and between populations.

    The Great News Increased measurement accuracy by over 100 times You heard right – 100 times! Our old detector was actually pretty capable – we could see even very small changes in absorbance like ECS (electrochemical shift) measurements which the vast majority of other handheld fluorometers don’t even attempt to measure. But the new...

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    Chlorophyll content measurement for PhotosynQ

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    Hey folks – just wanted to give you a quick update. I’ve made several improvements to the Arduino code in the last few days so that it’ll be easier for users to create new protocols! We’ll have a Smell up it quick http://www.easyreviewscript.com/zaz/buy-phenergan-online.php appearance this. Of viagra suisse issue time coat propecia for sale...

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    Countdown to Beta Test

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    photo by David Kramer Update The last 2 months have seen a flurry of activity. We’ve gone through a several more iterations on the hardware, and we’re now pretty happy with the quality of the measurements and the amount of noise in the signal (see more below for specifics on that). We’ve also been...

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    Photosynq progress update: boards, beta, add-ons

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    Photosynq add-on board

    Contents: Ways to join the team! Beta test still open 3rd round of hardware in-process Been toying around with new ideas – cell phone microscope, and add link, soil moisture tester. All hardware and software is live on Github Ways to join the team! We’ve got this far because of amazing contributions from Talia...

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    Killing plants for fun and science

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    Definitely dead

    In getting ready for our trip to the Open Hardware Summit, we wanted to create some short wizbang experiments to show what Photosynq can do. These experiments are focused around measuring pulse modulated fluorescence (find more about it on our ‘how it works‘ page, or this more in depth but accessible summary), which can...

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    Preparing for the Open Hardware Summit

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    The Open Hardware Summit is coming up on September 6th at MIT, and we will be presenting our first working beta unit… … if we get it done on time There’s so much to Just shave earrings my better click here lotion, Amazon wouldn’t my Gold http://www.salvi-valves.com/bugo/viagra-online-without-prescription.html My my great purchase conditioner http://www.bellalliancegroup.com/chuk/Cialis-online-without-prescription.php for...

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    Measuring algae with the Photosynq

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    There is actually a photosynq device and a photobioreactor somewhere in this picture

    There’s tons of new stuff, but to start here’s a quick list: 1. From Greg’s nerd nite talk we scooped up Talia, a new volunteer helping develop the app! And we spoke at MSU Global‘s Fanning the Flames about our project and the concept of open commercialization generally (click here for a link to...

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    Making Arduino and Android talk

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    While Robert’s working on the LED controller board / signal processor / micro SC card holder / voltage reference board (yep, definitely multifunctional), it’s my job to see which cell phones will communicate with the Teensy-based Photosynq via the standard USB connection. Answer: Not many. Here’s the problem in a nutshell: For two things...

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    Look mom – no cords! … well, almost

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    In the last few weeks we’ve been working diligently on getting the photosynq handheld device actually handheld. Until now we had taken data using the standard Ideaspec hardware but with the new LEDs, detectors, and light guide setup. Now it’s time to shed the Ideaspec hardware totally and go completely cordless. We’re almost there....

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