• Hello Fargo!

    Hello Fargo, I’ve come for your beans!

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    Project: Bean Variety Trials at North Dakota State University Project Leads: Juan Osorno and Ali Soltani, North Dakota State University Goal: Collect photosynthesis and plant health data on 150 varieties of common bean for eventual QTL (genetic) mapping. Project Page View and analyze the data (create a login if necessary) Juan Osorno’s NDSU page...

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    Make Faire wrap-up and updates

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    Maker Faire wrap-up Phew… 48 hours normal hours and 24 standing-on-your-feet-talking hours later and Maker Faire is over. We met hundreds of people, got to use the MultispeQ about 200 times (good opportunity to test the heck out of it), saw lots of other awesome projects like Manylabs, Nerds for Nature, Fusion, Pinoccio and...

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    Maker Faire: Day 1

    by  • May 17, 2014 • 1 Comment

    Robert, Sebastian and I are here at the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo. We spent the day today getting our PhotosynQ booth ready, and putting last minute touches (well… more like frantic last minute working) on the experiments we’re running during the Faire. Since it’s late and I’m sleepy, I’m not going...

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    PhotosynQ out in the world

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    Beta MultispeQ device with Android App on tablet

    Sorry for the long delay between posts. There’s lots of expectant beta testers waiting for us to get units out so we need to keep up good communication. Though a bit late, we have shipped the first few beta (very beta) units! One took measurements of wheat fields in Mexico as part of the...

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    3 more days until beta test is officially closed! Hey everyone, we’re still accepting new signups for the beta test, but we’re going to close applications pretty soon as we begin purchasing parts. So if you’ve been waffling now’s the time to make a move (link to signup page)! Dave and Robert’s work on...

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    Progress Update – boards,

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    News highlights Purchase pick and place machine for in-house circuit board assembly – will arrive within 2 weeks Ordered final circuit boards (170, 2 boards per device) – will arrive in 5 business days and we can start hand-assembling at that point Chrome app, android app, and website all in basic working order Chlorophyll...

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    PhotosynQ demo at Mach 30 Hangout this Thursday @ 8:30

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    Though we’re a bit behind schedule, we’re making great progress. We officially closed the beta last week with a total of 35 participants and 74 devices! We have every kind of user and location in there – here’s a partial list: high school teachers, citizen scientists, organic and conventional farmers, agronomists, plant scientists and...

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    Great news and less great news

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    You can select any two variables and compare them on the X and Y axis.  This makes it easy to identify relationships between variables, and between populations.

    The Great News Increased measurement accuracy by over 100 times You heard right – 100 times! Our old detector was actually pretty capable – we could see even very small changes in absorbance like ECS (electrochemical shift) measurements which the vast majority of other handheld fluorometers don’t even attempt to measure. But the new...

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    Chlorophyll content measurement for PhotosynQ

    by  • December 27, 2013 • 1 Comment


    Hey folks – just wanted to give you a quickupdate. I’ve made several improvements to the Arduino code in the last few days so that it’ll be easier for users to create new protocols! We’ll have a few measurements before the start of the Beta. Often called SPAD, this measurement was first commercialized by...

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    Countdown to Beta Test

    by  • December 23, 2013 • 1 Comment


    photo by David Kramer Update The last 2 months have seen a flurry of activity. We’ve gone through a several more iterations on the hardware, and we’re now pretty happy with the quality of the measurements and the amount of noise in the signal (see more below for specifics on that). We’ve also been...

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