Recovering P.dam from varying stress environments


At what temperature and/or light intensity does the coral pocillopora damicornis (P.dam) become stressed to the point that it will later bleach? By placing P.dam in various stressful light and temperature conditions and recording the phi2 values at 10 minute time intervals both during stress and post-stress perhaps the process of bleaching can be traced precisely. Essentially: How long does it take for the coral to become damaged irreversibly and is it reflected in the phi 2 value?


Modified by DMK Chlorophyll Fluorescence Phi2

Using an orange measuring light (pin 15) and red saturating and actinic light (pin 20), this performs the standard PAM fluorescence measurement but includes a background constant actinic light which is equivalent to the ambient PAR value.


  1. how long was it in stress?
  2. what was the light intensity?
  3. coral number
  4. what was the temperature at time of test
  5. how long since plant has been removed from stress?



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By Greg Austic, almost 2 years ago


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